Carbide Hole Saw Set Tct Hole Saw Cutter Carbide Hole Saw For Wall

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Chongqing,China
Brand Name: ZhongZuan
Certification: CE;ISO9001;2015;
Model Number: W-002
Minimum Order Quantity: 100
Price: $1.95-18.04/piece
Delivery Time: 7-10 work day
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs/day
Product: Wall Carbide Hole Saw Material: Tungsten Carbide + Steel Shank
Size: 30-160mm Shank: SDS-Plus
Finish: ZINC Type: Core Drill Bit
Application: Concrete/wall Driling Holes Packing: PVC Box Or Metal Case
High Light:

30mm carbide hole saw for concrete


OEM carbide hole saw for concrete


M22 concrete wall drill bit hole saw cutter

Carbide Hole Saw Set Tct Hole Saw Cutter Carbide Hole Saw For Wall



1. Dedicated wall hole opener set. It is made of cemented carbide, easy to operate, fast drilling, and can drill cement walls, concrete walls and brick walls.
2. Scientific design is more durable: the outer blade has smooth opening, the middle blade is sharp, and the inner blade improves the cutting speed.
3. Accurate center positioning, wear-resistant and durable, longer trial life, sharp tooth edge and fast drilling speed.
4. High hardness connecting rod, durable, not easy to deform, stable and powerful drilling
5. Double chip flutes inside and outside effectively prevent the hole from being blocked due to chip clogging



Product parameter


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Product name: Wall hole saw bit
Specifications: Hole opener 25-160MM
Connecting rod 110-600MM
Product handle: Round handle, square handle, five pit handle, long hexagon handle
Product Usage: It can be used for cement walls, hollow bricks, installation of air conditioning water pipes, etc.
Steel bars, tiles, stones cannot be used
Product material: Steel + cemented carbide



Hdd422199ea7747c2b375eaa33dea0282D.png (750*560) 


Hole diameter Hole depth Total length Thread Number of teeth
30mm 51mm 71mm M22 4
35mm 51mm 71mm M22 4
40mm 51mm 71mm M22 5
45mm 51mm 71mm M22 5
50mm 51mm 71mm M22 6
55mm 51mm 71mm M22 6
60mm 51mm 71mm M22 7
65mm 51mm 71mm M22 8
68mm 51mm 71mm M22 8
70mm 51mm 71mm M22 8
75mm 51mm 71mm M22 9
80mm 51mm 71mm M22 10
85mm 51mm 71mm M22 11
90mm 51mm 71mm M22 11
95mm 51mm 71mm M22 11
100mm 51mm 71mm M22 12
105mm 51mm 71mm M22 12
110mm 51mm 71mm M22 13
115mm 51mm 71mm M22 13
120mm 51mm 71mm M22 14
125mm 51mm 71mm M22 14
130mm 51mm 71mm M22 15
150mm 51mm 71mm M22 16
160mm 51mm 71mm M22 18



Hc21a2b151c5446c1a4f739381faaff2dC.png (750*193)



Specification Total length Head diameter Shank diameter
110mm 110mm 26mm 9mm
150mm 110mm 26mm 9mm
200mm 110mm 26mm 9mm
250mm 110mm 26mm 9mm
300mm 110mm 26mm 9mm
350mm 110mm 26mm 9mm
400mm 110mm 26mm 9mm
450mm 110mm 26mm 9mm
600mm 110mm 26mm 9mm
800mm 110mm 26mm 9mm
1000mm 110mm 26mm 9mm





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If there are tiles on one side of the wall, you must first punch a hole in the tile with a tile opener, and then use a wall opener to make a hole. It is recommended that the tile opener
is one size larger than the wall opener!



Installation steps


Hc6725f8abc0446b9be9b15a495171e91z.png (750*602)

Product Model Use

Diameter 30 4 in charge (general water pipe and water heater pipe)
Diameter 35 6 in charge (generally tap water pipe and water heater pipe)
Diameter 40 1 inch pipe
Diameter 55 and 65 1P-2P air conditioning ducts and toilet ducts
Diameter 75 2P air conditioner cabinet-5P air conditioner cabinet pipe
Diameter 110-120 Used for wall switch inner box wall dark hole



Product details


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Product show


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