M2 HSS Hole Saw Cutter Triangle Shank Hole Cutter Bit HSS Hole Saw

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Chongqing,China
Brand Name: ZhongZuan
Certification: CE;ISO9001;2015;
Model Number: H-006
Minimum Order Quantity: 300
Price: USD0.55/piece
Delivery Time: 7-10 work day
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs/day
Name: Metal Hole Saw Material: 6542(M2),4241,4341,
Use: Wood, Stainless Steel, Metal Shank: Triangle Shank
Packing: PVC Box Type: Center Drill Bit
Color: Black Oxide Size: 12-200mm
High Light:

M2 hss hole saw cutter 20mm


hss hole saw cutter 20mm


Triangle Shank wood hole cutter bit

M2 HSS Hole Saw Cutter Triangle Shank Hole Cutter Bit HSS Hole Saw



1. High Quality Material: Made from strong HHS high-speed-steel for durability, high hardness, fast cutting, impact resistance, wear high temperature
2. Sharp gears and anti-cutting with lower consumption make the product a long service life
3. Can be used for thick steel plates, cast iron, stainless steel, non-standard angle iron and other metal open hole. Perfect for installing locks, knobs on doors and cabinets, or drilling large diameter holes through desks, etc
4. Suitable for hand held electric drill, stand motor-driven drilling machine and mobile ribbon type magnetism drilling machine. Provide fast and precise cuts into stainless steel, sheet metal, cast iron, mild steel, aluminum, plastic,copper and brass



Company Profile


ZhongZuan(Chongqing)Precision Tool Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded in 1995 and has been specialized in researching and developing and producing the high-quality hole saw bits and drill bits of electric tools for 26 years. Factory is located in Chongqing, China and has an area of 11700 square meters with registered capital over RMB 5millions and over 120 employees. Our core products are diamond hole saw bits, HSS twist drill bits and alloy hole saw and drill bits, so far we have been cooperated with customers from over 10 countries in the world.





Pay attention to the temperature when cutting cold and hard materials. If it is too high, add water. Please use it step by step when drilling, and do not use excessive force.





H861a0ec44d384ca98114a3cb6d136d41h.png (750*528)

H1c6eb397786e489d82c001325478dd97y.png (750*372)

product name: HSS hole saw
specification: 12-100mm
Material: 4341,6542 High speed steel
use: Suitable for opening holes on stainless steel, iron sheet, aluminum alloy and various pipes Suitable for hand drills and bench drills, easy to carry and decorate


H11b1a9b00641456e894377db26307584z.png (750*765)

specification Hole diameter Shank diameter Center drill diameter Total length
φ12 12mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ13 13mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ14 14mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ15 15mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ16 16mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ17 17mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ17.5 17.5mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ18 18mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ19 19mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ19.5 19.5mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ20 20mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ20.5 20.5mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ21 21mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ21.5 21.5mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ22 22mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ22.5 22.5mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ23 23mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ24 24mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ25 25mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ25.5 25.5mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ26 26mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ27 27mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ28 28mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ30 30mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ32 32mm 7.8mm 5mm 66mm
φ35 35mm 7.8mm 5mm 67mm
φ38 38mm 7.8mm 5mm 67mm
φ40 40mm 7.8mm 5mm 67mm
φ42 42mm 7.8mm 5mm 70mm
φ45 45mm 7.8mm 5mm 70mm
φ50 50mm 7.8mm 5mm 70mm
φ53 53mm 7.8mm 5mm 70mm
φ55 55mm 7.8mm 5mm 70mm
φ60 60mm 7.8mm 5mm 70mm
φ65 65mm 7.8mm 5mm 70mm
φ70 70mm 7.8mm 5mm 70mm
φ75 75mm 7.8mm 5mm 70mm
φ80 80mm 7.8mm 5mm 70mm

H78444c9c394949e885d70ab362ff4250y.png (750*461)





1. When drilling, the center drill penetrates the material to be processed first, as the axis, the drilling is more stable.

2. Special blade tooth grinding technology and high-strength substrate, strong perforation ability, prevent chattering, and improve drilling ability.

3. Triangular shank design, effectively prevent slipping in the process of drilling, strong torque resistance.

4. When the center drill becomes blunt, the center drill can be replaced and used.



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M2 HSS Hole Saw Cutter Triangle Shank Hole Cutter Bit HSS Hole Saw 5M2 HSS Hole Saw Cutter Triangle Shank Hole Cutter Bit HSS Hole Saw 6



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